As each piece is individually handmade or sourced it’s impossible to give a one-price-fits-all but below is a guide of the start prices of pieces shown on the website. If you are interested in any piece please contact us and we will give you details of what’s currently in stock and the price. Prices do not include p&p, the smaller items will be sent via Royal Mail and will depend on size and weight. The larger items of furniture will be delivered by Shoreline Furniture or a Courier service (A delivery charge may apply depending on location and items bought).

Item: Prices from:

Driftwood Chairs:

Chairs £320

Driftwood Furniture:

Tables: £280


Serving Table £1,200
Coffee Table £420
Desk with glass insert £560
Small Side Table £230
Screen £460
Bathroom Cabinet £110
Kitchen Cabinet £120

Accessories 1:

Norweigan Fishing Nets with Corks £60
Shrimp Nets £18
Whelk Pots £45
Anchors £15
Pond Yachts £30
Glass Fishing Net Floats £50
Ships Gratings £80
Large Sea Shells £8

Accessories 2:

New Zealand Flat Stones (Stack of 5) £15
Blue Carved Wooden Fish £18
White Carved Wooden Waders £30
Pod Birds £18
Large Driftwood pieces £40
Driftwood Flowers £15
Driftwood Lamps £45
Driftwood Mirror Frames £140

Accessories 3:

Box Frames £40
Chandeliers £100
Photograph Light Boxes £80
Slate Sculptures £120
Wooden Troughs £60
Stone Troughs £120


Sea Bass on Backboard £450
Shoal of Blue Fish £400
Stacked Limpets £180
Hand Carved Decoy £120
Wooden Bowl of Coral and Corks £140
Whale Vertebrae £300
Old Beach Spades on Driftwood - Single £90
- Double £140
Driftwood Heart £40


Garden Design:

Quotations on request

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